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Estonia awarded Speed Identity nationwide biometric security enrolment for Passport and ID

Estonia awarded Speed Identity nationwide biometric security enrolment for Passport and ID

Speed Identity was awarded by Estonia Police the nationwide enrolment considering:
– High quality biometrics
– Advanced and future proof technology
– Selfservice ability
– In service performance and reliability
– Total life cycle cost of ownership

Speed Identity is very hounored by winning this high profile contract in EU.

Speed Identity AB 2017 Result

NEW Speed Capture GENERATION provides growing profitability for Speed Identity.

Speed Identity AB has invested extensively in Research & Development in a TOTALLY NEW generation of self service enrolment system delivering on highest biometric quality and highest in-service-performance.

Investment period 2015-2017. Return on investment started during 2017.


(MSEK)Result 2016Result 2017Change 2016-17
Revenue net23,440,1+72%
Earnings before tax-11,93,2Profitable
Earnings before tax (%)-51%+8%+59% units
Balance of assets3549+40%


Annual Report for Speed Identity AB 2017 is revised and was approved by Annual meeting 2018-03-08.

State of the Art Biometric Service in Copenhagen

Speed Identity is providing Copenhagen with self-service Speed Capture Kiosk for application of Passport, ID-card and Drivers license. The service provides an attractive easy to use environment for the applicant while delivering highest biometric quality. The German TV channel ”Das Erste” regards the Copenhagen project as role model of leading public service.

First half-year result 2017


Jan-June 2017Jan-June 2016
EBITDA2,8 (12%)-2,9
EBT2,6 (11%)-4,0

Speed Identity AB has reported half year result 2017 with growth and turn-around to profitability.

The result reflects the beginning of new customer contracts for the next generation biometric enrolment service with high biometric data security. In further response to the market request is Speed Capture service offering providing conveniant, client attractive, easy-to-use self service and efficient operator assisted enrolment. The requirement on product quality and in service performance are also quickly increasing in the market and the new Speed Capture solution family is succesfully addressing this market demand as well.

The result show the beginning of pay-off from two intensive years of substantial product development in the new Speed Capture solution family.

The revenue was growing with 80% compared to same period last year as result of encouraging immediate customer response to the new Speed Capture solution.