Speed Capture Mobile

Speed Capture Mobile is the market’s only mobile biometric capture station developed to securely and reliably capture biometric data with highest quality for mission critical applications such as identity management, ABIS and forensics.


The Speed Capture Mobile, including transport suitcase, weighs less than 10 kg and is designed to be carried as hand luggage for flights. The station is designed to enable different use cases where a stationary biometric station is not adequate, e.g.:

  • Truly mobile applications such as biometrics uptake in the field
  • Portable installations in larger vehicles (eg buses and mobile police offices)
  • Semi-permanent installations such as alternation between two or more offices

Biometric Data Capture

High precision camera
The camera delivers unprecedented biometric quality – exceeding ICAO / ISO resolution requirements by more than 9 times.

Our advanced software ensures correct body and head positioning by interactively guiding the applicant throughout the capture process. It also performs complete ICAO / ISO quality control using advanced pattern recognition technology.

LED based illumination
The 2-channel illumination elements work seamlessly together to create an even and diffused illumination of the applicant. This eliminates undesired artifacts such as shadows, hot-spots, red eyes as well as facial expressions or closed eyes caused by too direct or intense light.

Responsive & safe ergonomics
Speed Capture enrolls 100% of any country’s population including infants as well as applicants with different types of disabilities and includes full wheelchair support.

It supports sitting enrollment and includes an automated elevator that precisely adjusts to the applicant’s height. A safety mechanism is employed to prevent personal injuries.

Fingerprint & Signature
The integrated fingerprint reader delivers fast, reliable and secure 10-finger capture of both flat and rolled fingerprints. It can of course be used to capture single or 1+1 fingerprints as well. The reader is FBI/MITRE certified and employs both hardware and software based liveness detection to achieve highly reliable spoof prevention.

The integrated signature pad is effectively a 5-inch color display capturing signatures with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. It also captures more biometric data than the signature itself – including pressure and direction.


Fully integrated components

Speed Capture takes advantage of next generation technology including high precision biometric sensors and end to end software to deliver secure and reliable biometric capture, quality assessment and spoof prevention.

The Speed Capture Mobile integrates all biometric sensors and components into a single unit with a protective chassis to maximize security and durability – and to prevent personal injury.

The Speed Capture Mobile can be extended with additional sensors for other biometric modalities such as iris, palm and vein.


Introducing Speed Capture

Speed Capture delivers an uncompromising, end to end solution for live biometric data capture. Combining innovative hardware with advanced software and world class support and life cycle services.

With ergonomic, universal design and intuitive user interface, Speed Capture fully supports enrollment of 100% of a country’s population. It employs a wide range of features to ensure safe, secure and reliable operation in the most demanding environments worldwide.

Customers can easily and quickly integrate Speed Capture with their applications using .NET, Java and Web Services.

Speed Capture re-defines biometric capture as a fully automated and integrated business process to deliver highest biometric quality while maximizing throughput and reducing total cost of biometric enrollment.