Speed capture G3X

Speed Capture G3X delivers a flexible solution for live biometric data capture by combining versatile hardware with advanced software and world class support.

Flexible Biometric Capture Solution

Speed Capture G3X is a significantly updated version of the successful Speed Capture G3, which has proven its merits worldwide since 2011.

With its flexible form factor, it can be configured together with a purpose built elevator that automatically adjusts to the applicant’s height for stationary deployments. It can also be used as a portable desktop solution that can be set up on a desk in 1-2 minutes.


All-in-one solution

The Speed Capture G3X is a complete solution for live capture of facial photo, fingerprints and signature. All biometric sensors and components are integrated into a single unit for ease of use, security and durability.

The integrated touch display is used together with the built in speakers and LED indicators to guide the applicant throughout the enrollment process.

Camera and illumination

Industrial grade camera and integrated optics combined with LED based illumination deliver fully ICAO / ISO compliant facial photos.

Our advanced software ensures correct body and head positioning by interactively guiding the applicant throughout the capture process using both visual and audible instructions. It also performs complete ICAO / ISO quality control using advanced pattern recognition technology.

Seamless integration

Speed Capture re-defines biometric capture as a fully automated and integrated business process to deliver quality biometric data while maximizing throughput and reducing total cost of biometric enrollment.

Customers can easily and quickly integrate Speed Capture with their applications using .NET, Java and Web Services.


The integrated signature pad captures signatures with 512 levels of pressure sensitivity.


Modular support for dual 1-finger flat capture or 10-finger flat and rolled capture. Both fingerprint reader options are FBI/MITRE certified. The 10-finger option includes both hardware and software based liveness detection to achieve highly reliable spoof prevention.

The Speed Capture G3X can also be configured without a fingerprint reader.